Winterblessed Swain

Winterblessed Swain Splash Art

Winterblessed Swain skin Biography

Official League of Legends Winterblessed Swain lore: The Hunter Swain made no acknowledgment of his fellow leaders and was the first to put himself forward. He desired the Aurora’s blessings to better provide meat and pelts for his people. After making his case, he gave the smallest of bows to Polaris, who watched with a face as serene as moonlit ice. Satisfied, Swain stepped aside and waited for his gift.

Features: New visual effects, New sound effects, New animations, New recall, Chromas

Skin LineWinterblessed
Price1350 RP
Splash art ArtistWest Studio
Release Date2 December 2022
Voice ActorJames Faulkner
Loot eligibleYes


Winterblessed Swain skin in-game video review.

Winterblessed Swain Chromas

All available Winterblessed Swain chromas.

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