Three Honors Malzahar

Three Honors Malzahar splash art

Three Honors Malzahar skin Biography

Official League of Legends Three Honors Malzahar lore: As the Order of Solace’s leader Malzahar wants to extend a gentle guiding hand to all. It was only by following the tenets of the Three Honors that he was able to escape from a pit of cynicsim and while apathy may reign supreme Malzahar will do whatever it takes to build a better world.

Features: New visual effects, New sound effects, New animations, New recall, Chromas

Three Honors Malzahar skin can be purchased by anyone with a high honor level (level 5) for 1 token.

Skin LineThree Honors
Price1 Honor Token
Splash art ArtistIna Wong West Studio
Release DateDecember 2022
Voice ActorVic Mignogna
Loot eligibleFALSE


Three Honors Malzahar skin video review.

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