Shockblade Shen

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Official League of Legends Shockblade Shen lore: Once half of an elite operative duo for the Shockblade order Shen stepped away from combat after he made a mistake that nearly cost the life of his partner Zed. Now Shen mentors young shinobi training to join their ranks – but his new charge may inspire him to take up his sword and join the fight once more.

Features: New visual effects, New sound effects, New animations, New recall, Chromas

Skin LineShockblade
Price1350 RP
Splash art ArtistFélix Donadio West Studio
Release Date2022-02-17
Voice ActorKeith Silverstein
Loot eligibleYes


Shockblade Shen skin video review.

Shockblade Shen Chromas

All available Shockblade Shen chromas.

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