Prestige KDA (2022) Ahri

Prestige KDA (2022) Ahri splash art

Prestige KDA (2022) Ahri skin Biography

Official League of Legends Prestige KDA (2022) Ahri lore: Decked out to dazzle K/DA Ahri charms her audience in a glittering golden ensemble specially made for her band’s Pop Shine Awards performance. Her Prestige Edition outfit celebrates the golden success of POP/STARS. Can you feel the rush now?

Features: New visual effects, New sound effects, New animations, New recall, Chromas

Skin LineK/DA
Pricespecial RP
Splash art ArtistPan Chengwei
Release Date2022-04-01
Voice ActorLaura Post
Loot eligibleFALSE


Prestige KDA (2022) Ahri skin video review.

Prestige KDA (2022) Ahri Chromas

All available Prestige KDA (2022) Ahri chromas.

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