Duality Dragon Volibear

Duality Dragon Volibear splash art

Duality Dragon Volibear skin Biography

Official League of Legends Duality Dragon Volibear lore: Volibear was the greatest terror in the forest until the nearby volcano erupted. In the frenzy of escape Volibear came across a child who was similarly trapped and heeded a strange instinct—he saved the child. The Duality Dragon saw and made the mighty predator an offer: the power to hone the duality of his nature both fury and compassion.

Features: New visual effects, New sound effects, New animations, New recall, Chromas

Skin LineDragonmancers
Price1350 RP
Splash art ArtistFelipe Martini West Studio
Release Date2021-10-21
Voice ActorDavid Sobolov
Loot eligibleYes


Duality Dragon Volibear skin video review.

Duality Dragon Volibear Chromas

All available Duality Dragon Volibear chromas.

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