Cottontail Teemo

Cottontail Teemo splash art

Cottontail Teemo skin Biography

Official League of Legends Cottontail Teemo lore: Eggs are lame right? They’re round. They break easily. Eggs need a major facelift. Introducing… Teemo! He’s cute. He’s annoying. But most of all he’ll paint all your eggs for you maybe turning one or two (or seven) into life-threatening explosives.

Features: New visual effects, New sound effects, New animations, New recall, Chromas

Skin LineCottontail
Price975 RP
Splash art ArtistJem Flores
Release Date2011-04-18
Voice Actor Unknown
Loot eligibleYes


Cottontail Teemo skin video review.

Cottontail Teemo Chromas

All available Cottontail Teemo chromas.

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