Ashen Knight Pyke

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Ashen Knight Pyke skin Biography

Official League of Legends Ashen Knight Pyke lore: Condemned to death for petty crimes then saved by the king and uplifted to glorious knighthood Pyke served in the war against magic until the very end only to be left alone in an ashen world without. Gripped by violent madness he challenges all who pass accusing them of being the ruler who abandoned him.

Features: New visual effects, New sound effects, New animations, New recall, Chromas

Skin LineAshen Knights
Pricespecial RP
Splash art ArtistJeremy ‘Jermu’ Anninos
Release Date2022-03-30
Voice ActorDarien Sills-Evans
Loot eligibleYes


Ashen Knight Pyke skin video review.

Ashen Knight Pyke Chromas

All available Ashen Knight Pyke chromas.

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