Steam how to buy games cheaper

The desire to save money is absolutely normal. That’s why we created a detailed (tested in 2023) instruction on how to change your country in Steam and buy games much cheaper.

Officially, you can change the region of your Steam account only if you have moved to another country. But we’ll cheat a little, and tell you how to do it staying at home.

How to buy Steam games from another country

In fact, there is nothing complicated about it if you know how to do it. Simple instructions below. If you want more details, read on.

Time needed: 8 minutes

What you need to buy games in Steam from another region 2023:

  1. Preparing

    Log out of your account it is necessary.

  2. Use VPN

    Enable VPN of the country you want to use. You can use any VPN

  3. Go to your Steam account

    Now you need to log in to your Steam account. VPN must be enabled. After that add any game to the cart. Any cheap one will do.

  4. Go to cart

    and change the currency to another

  5. Select a payment method

    Payment method must be the same as in the VPN! – Read below to find out where to get it

  6. Confirm purchase.

    That’s it, you have moved to another country

Cheapest Steam region 2023

The best and cheapest Steam region in 2023 is Turkey. The cost of most games is 2-3 times cheaper! Now this country allows you to save you a good amount of money. Read on to find out how to buy games yourself through a Turkish account.

Change Steam region to Turkey

So below is a detailed guide on how to change the region of your Steam account to Turkey. If you don’t want to do it yourself, read the next section – they will do it for you.

1.Log out of your Steam account

2. Enable VPN and select a server in Turkey

3. Logging into Steam

4. Add any game to cart (can be cheap) and select the country Turkey ( TL )

Steam shopping cart and country selection Turkey
Steam shopping cart and country selection Turkey

5. Click on purchase for myself

6. A pop-up window will appear: Convert Store and Wallet. Choose Turkey.

Confirming the change of the Steam region
Confirming the change of the Steam region

7. We see that the currency has changed to Turkish Lira, click again on the button to purchase for myself.

Currency in Steam Turkish Lira
Currency in Steam Turkish Lira

8. IMPORTANT! Choose a payment method.

To successfully change the country of the Steam account, the payment method must be issued by the Turkish bank. Otherwise the region cannot be changed.
To buy a Turkish bank card, which is suitable for Steam, you can here. (Proven seller, we have repeatedly changed it ourselves)

Steam payment method
Steam payment method

9. Enter payment information, address and phone number. Any data will do (you can easily find it on Google).

10. Congratulations. Now you can buy cheap games.

Steam region change service

If you want to change the region of Steam without a VPN, we offer such a service. Here you can find a verified seller (who is in Turkey and therefore can change the country of your account).

The entire process usually takes less than 10 minutes. Over 5,000 sales and 2,700 reviews. You can ask the salesperson questions before you buy the service. Use the chat to do so. Save your time and trust the professionals.

How to top up your Turkish Steam wallet

To top up your Turkish Steam account, you need to use a gift card with TL currency. Warning! Do not try to top up your Steam wallet with your bank card. This will cause the region to change to yours.

  1. Get a Turkish Steam Gift Card here (balances from 10 to 1000 TL are available)
  2. Enter code on redemption page
  3. Wallet replenished, you can buy games

Were happy to help you start buying Steam games cheaper. Write your questions and feedback in the comments. This method is still relevant.

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