How to get Discord Nitro cheaper

Discord Nitro gives a lot of useful features, and 2 more server boosts for free. We found the secret way to get the cheapest nitro subscription. Just read on.

Detailed instructions on how to save money on Diskord Nitro

Time needed: 5 minutes

So here we go.

  1. Decide how long a subscription is needed

    Options from 1 to 12 months are available

  2. What type of Discord Nitro is needed

    There are two types of subscription Full Nitro and Classic. There are two boosts available in Full Nitro.

  3. Purchasing the right subscription

    We found a proven service. Here you can buy Discord Nitro, and here Discord Classic.

  4. That’s all!

    We now have a working Discord Nitro subscription. Enjoy all the features and capabilities

Cost of a Discord Nitro subscription

Table of costs and available options for a premium Discord subscription.

Discord Nitro Full 1 Month +2 Server BoostCost $4,3
Discord Nitro Full 12 Months +2 Server BoostCost $29

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